“Fav Bag” Behind The Scenes

My first foray into brand spec films resulted in an experience I won't soon forget and a not-so-short, short film that leaves me itching for another opportunity at bat. : /

Don’t Boo Vote

Yes I voted this year. But in this voting cycle I misused my right to vote. A right that my ancestors paid a heavy price for so that today I can cast my vote without challenge. Today I realized…

“Going Off” at RadicalMedia™

In the cutting room at RadicalMedia on choreographer Tricia Miranda's new series for MTV: "To Live and Dance In LA"

Kelly and Cal – LA Premiere

Kelly and Cal is a diverse journey into the soul from director Jen McGowen and writer Amy Lowe Starbin starring Juliette Lewis & Jonny Weston.

VRLX Magazine – Welcome [Back] To Chicago!

My new favorite magazine has arrived; and yes you can touch it!

Flatline x James Benton x Joan Holly Padeo

R&B sensation James Benton and dancer/choreographer Joan Holly Padeo interpret a crossroads meeting between would-be lovers.

The Real-est Reality Show I’ve Worked On Yet!

Bend Over Like I Told Ya!

Under The Electric Sky (3D Documentary)

Under The Electric Sky is my first experience "thinking in 3D..."

Singha Transportraits Wins A Telly

Okay, so...this is cool!

Shooting Nude

Shooting a sexy music video with a master cinematographer, chicago-style!

Is The Housekeeper Here Yet?

The opening scene deleted from King Fantastic's Why Where What video. I mean, why not?

“Peace” Music Video Wins Best Editing Award

Thank you Elevate Films and Shannon Ialongo for inviting me into this incredible experience!