In the cutting room at RadicalMedia on choreographer Tricia Miranda's new series for MTV entitled: To Live and Dance In LA (formerly known as: Going Off)

I’ve had my crosshairs set on collaborating with the folks at RadicalMedia since first taking in their documentary series entitled Iconoclasts for the Sundance network way back in 2007.

Sure they’re a commercial house but its been their cache-rich mini docs, television series and music-driven content thats attracted me to their brand.  But what’s even more fitting for me about RadicalMedia as a production company is their ability to create across any platform, any genre, any medium; and that is a practice to which I most definitely subscribe. The combination of  the ocean-cooled weather, the company-sponsored lunch on Friday, the harmonious coexistence of Media Composer and Premiere Pro NLEs and the uber-cool and uber-talented pool of producers, editors and executives with whom I worked and played each day really inspired me to give myself  wholly and enthusiastically to the process of cutting this show; which after all is why I get up every morning — to do what I love! I was confident from the initial contact with the project’s Exec Producer, Dave Sirulnick and Show Runner, Lindsay Panell that this would be a unique opportunity to really express myself in the editor’s chair on a reality…oops, I mean, an unscripted series.  The characteristics that really made an impact on me directly were the ample amount of autonomy allowing editors and producers to discover and shape the material, realistic delivery expectations and the entire post crew was committed to sharing ideas, approaches to challenges, supporting one another and each editor owned their respective episodes; allowing each episode’s individual identity to express whilst still serving the series common theme.   That’s really cool in this day and age in my humble opinion.

Salute to the entire #GoingOff post team including (Editors) Ted Woerner, Jesse Overman, Joel Marcus, Charles Little II, Jeremy Lusk, Ravi Subramanian, Eric Freidenberg, Kevin Lavelle, Julie Drazen, Patrick Perez and Taylor Alexander Ward (story producers) Claire Degrass, Jamie Hardesty and Lauren Schwartz (Post Supervisor) Gabriel Savo (Assitant Editors) Dennis Castello and Ryan Isbell (Associate Producer) Arly Montes and (Post Coordinator)  Maru Buendia. Let me not forget the comfortable and meticulously maintained production facility that I occupied for almost 3 months – The Digital Difference I simply cannot thank nor recommend Kevin Hearst and his team highly enough! It was an added bonus to get to chop it up a bit with Tricia Miranda herself.  She knows her world, her brand, her students and she was on it when it came to making sure the show content was true to all of the above.  Thank you Claire Degrass for snapping these pics!

In the cutting room with my favorite collaborator Ravi Subramanian

A few Tricia Miranda-isms that you’ll be stuck repeating after watching this series: “Live Your Life”…”Whoomp”…”Boomziggywhaat”…”That’s Major”…”Say It”… and her favorite, “Lies”… (LOL).

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