Cry Cry Cry

Since the moment I met David Ruffin, Jr. I’ve wanted to shoot a music video with him. He’s pure RnB, his voice is truly a divine instrument and his emotions are both animated and available; making being in his presence never short of something that’s kind of amazing. We’ve been at it for years planning a collaboration. We’ve hosted talent castings, scouted locations, written treatments and kicked the notion around so many times, that when I finally did have a window of available time to invest, he stopped over and we basically grabbed some lights and just started shooting. No studio, no budget, no hassles, no problem! We hung out while I listed to stories about growing up the son of a legend, as only D-Ruff could tell them. Until the sun finally expired for the day and the night settled in. I like to work at night after the city has gone to sleep. There’s something serene about the night. I’m beginning to develop more of an admiration for nocturnals and ponder what magical secrets they may be keeping. We kept this one simple and just enjoyed ourselves shooting and we both enjoyed the drippy, thick and sexy track realized by the incomparable super-producer David ‘The DCX’ Cochrane. I do love the message in this track. The big strong man allowing that little boy within us all to beg the simple question: “….but baby, whey you wanna make me cry, cry, cry?”

ProducersCharles Little II, David Ruffin, JrDirectorCharles Little IIEditorCharles Little

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