This 4-Episode Special produced for MTV2 rated extraordinarily well with the network’s audience and was shot on sound stages in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  The series attracted a swell of interest and a cast of influential insiders before running it’s course toward the end of the summer.  Apart from other similar tv rap-battles like Fight Klub (MTV) and Freestyle Fridays (BET), 1 World HIp-Hop Championship brandished it’s own unique format and exhibited a polished yet gritty aesthetic which was accepted by viewers nationwide.  I was hired to produce, direct and deliver this series to MTV2 which also included network promos and web content. The show’s overall look and pacing was an achievement for myself, and my producing partners as we employed a hybrid of digital video cameras and formats, a lot of on-the-fly production design and resourceful lighting decisions in order to give the show a look that rode the fence between high-gloss and “gritty-video”.  Motion graphics designer Ryan Pohanic at created the title sequence and graphics package; and Chicago writer, performer and activist Kazi The Blak wrote, produced and performed the show’s theme music.