Shooting NUDE was an enjoyment on so many levels.

The artist is my cousin, I’m a big fan of the Producer’s work, my favorite Chicago-area DP was available and came on board; and I mean let’s face it, what guy doesn’t want to spend a full ten-hour day shooting beautiful bodies basking in soft top light?  Mmmmmmm Yummmy!  I’m referring to the soft top light!  C’mon, get your mind outta the gutter. ;)

Eric Almond, an accomplished director in his own right, produced this video.  He not only understood my vision for the video but he handled the delicate casting process like such a boss!  He and the artist got together and  hand picked three models that were simply a perfect fit for this project.  Jazzma Crofton has recently made her way out to the left coast to further her career in front of the camera.  Erica Franklin continues to flex her creative muscles modeling and performing music.  I’m not too sure about what miss A’Prielle is up to these days…but I’m sure she’s turning heads with every step.

Check out the Behind The Scenes video to get a hyper-stylized journey through the entire shooting process

from call time to wrap courtesy of simply a beast of a filmmaker Nick Brazinsky.  I’ve watched Nick hand craft his career through his own effort, passion and skill and he’s just doing big things these days!  Check him out for sure!

The image in the body of this post is a shot that I captured during the last round of group performance shooting.

I love this image.  One could read it in many different ways, but aside from any social implications that may be unintentionally communicated, I’m just in love with the mood and emotion in this shot.  It was a long time before the subjects in this shot were relaxed, present and comfortable enough to create this image.  I’m just honored to be a part of the act of creative combustion and glad that we have mediums like film, video and photography to capture such moments for us to savor long after the moment has passed.

See the full video HERE